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Examples of Projects Completed


Ground Water Division



No.             Client                                                        Project


1                 EPSIC, C&B, etc… (1961-69)                 Boring of 40 Nos. 6” dia wells


2                 EPADC (1964-70)                                   Boring of 60 Nos. 6” dia wells in

                                                                                    Rangpur and Jessore


3                 World Bank/BADC (1976-93)               Boring of 300 Nos. 8” dia wells

                                                                                    for BADC/IDA project


4                 Dhaka WASA (1973-93)                        Boring of 66 Nos. 8” dia wells for

                                                                                    Greater Dhaka water supply


5                 BADC/ADB project (1978)                    Boring of 130 Nos. 6” dia wells for

                                                                                    Sirajgong Irrigation Rural Development



6                 BADC                                                      Boring of:

                                                                                    150 Nos. 6” and 8” dia wells under

                                                                                    IDA II tube well project


                                                                                    30 Nos. 6” wells under Saudi fund


                                                                                    30 Nos. 6” wells under Barind


7              Barind Multipurpose Development      Boring of 115 Nos. 6” wells



8               Dhaka WASA (1993-present)                 Boring of over 300 Nos. wells in

                                                                                    Dhaka City Area


9              Dhaka WASA (2004-present)                 Boring of over 50 Deep Aquifer tube                                                                                                                                 wells in Dhaka City Area      


10               Chittagong WASA (2006)                     Boring of 4 deep tube wells in low discharge zone


11               ADB Funded Project 2015                  15 DTWs and ancillary works






Trading Division: Supply of Materials to Govt.



No.             Client                                                        Project


1                 Dhaka WASA                                          Supply of PVC Pipes, Screens and

                                                                                    Submersible Pumps & Chlorinators


2                 Dhaka WASA                                          Supply of Ductile Iron pipes and



3                 Chittagong WASA                                  Supply of PVC Pipes, Screens and



4                 Chittagong WASA                                  Supply of D.I. Pipes and fittings.


5                 BADC                                                       Supply of Screens and Accessories

                                                                                    for deep and shallow wells.


6                 Public Works Department                   Supply of Submersible Pumps for

                                                                                    Water Supply of Rural Health.


7                 DPHE                                                       Supply of D.I. Pipes and fittings



Misc. Contracts



No.             Client                                                        Project


1                 Dhaka University                                   Supply of pumps, substation



2                 Eastern Refinery                                   Supply & Installation of 16 ton flame

                                                                                    proof boilers.


3                 Titas Gas Transmission &                       Laying of 6” & 4” dia Gas pipe in

                   Distribution                                              Malibagh Area.


4                 Petro Bangla                                             Glycol Dehydration Plant (Gas Processing Plant)

                                                                                     supply & installation at Habigonj Gas field.                                                  

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