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About Jute



206 bc - 220 ad

Earliest known use based on discovery by Archaeologists -

Jute paper with 20 Chinese characters dating back to the Western han dynasty


The East India Company exports the first ever consignment of jute, 100 tons. There were additional shipments at irregular intervals.  


Spinners in Dundee discover how to spin jute yarn by modifying the power driven flax machinery. Jute was treated with whale oil a byproduct of Dundee’s whaling industry to make It suitable for spinning.  


Scotsman George Acland sets up the first jute mill in India when he installed spinning machinery brought from Dundee at Rishra in Bengal


jute mills are set up in Narayanganj (Bangladesh) then part of East Pakistan by several groups of families - the Bhawanis, Adamjees, Ispahanis, Dauds and Nawabs amongst others.


Birth of a nation - Bangladesh. All the Pakistani mills are acquired by the government.


Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC) is formed with the objective of controlling, supervising and coordinating the activities of the jute mills placed under it. 


Nawab Abdul Malek Jute Mills,  Privatized and purchased by the Hossain family, starts operations as a privately owned corporation.

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