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Saad Zubair Hossain

Chairman - Nawab Abdul Malek Jute Mills Ltd. 

Managing Director - Associated Engineers & Drillers Ltd.


Message from the Chairman


Associated Engineers & Drillers Ltd. (AED) was founded in 1960 to tackle the water supply needs of Bangladesh. Over the years we have gained strength by expanding our range of business activities as well as by investing heavily in our core business. We have expanded into the supply of water-related products, jute yarn manufacturing as well as construction, and completed a broad spectrum of projects for a growing list of clients.

Nawab Abdul Malek Jute Mills Ltd. was privatized and commenced operations under the current management in April 1979. Over time it has become one of the best jute mills in the world. We are justly proud of the reputation we have earned for efficient, quality driven production, as well as our strong sense of business ethics. Over time, we have chosen to base our growth on technical expertise fueled by a reservoir of dynamic, efficient and experienced personnel.

We invite you to examine the levels of expertise and services that our employees are prepared to offer. Our commitment to our customers is that we will always offer high quality goods with integrity. 

Saad Z Hossain completed his undergraduate in Commerce and English Literature at the Mcintyre School of Commerce, University of Virginia. He is also a notable writer. His novels include Escape from Baghdad! and Djinn City, published in the US, India, France, and Bangladesh. 

Ahmed Hossain

Managing Director - Nawab Abdul Malek Jute Mills Ltd.

                                     Hossain Jute Trading Co.

Chairman - Associated Engineers & Drillers Ltd.

Former Chairman - Bangladesh Jute Spinners Association



Ahmed Hossain is a well known personality in the Bangladesh Jute Industry. He has served the Bangladesh Jute Spinners Association (BJSA) as the chairman for five terms.


He has played a key role in developing NAM as one of the leading jute manufacturers in the country. Under his leadership the company has witnessed a 1900% growth in production. NAM is the only surviving mill amongst those that were denationalized in the 1970s.

Azfar Hossain

Deputy Managing Director -  Nawab Abdul Malek Jute Mills Ltd.

Director                                     Associated Engineers & Drillers Ltd.


Azfar Hossain, is a second generation enterpreneur. He competed his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Waterloo, Canada. Following that he pursued an MBA from Queen's University, Canada. After the completion of his education, he returned to Bangladesh to help futher develop the family businesses.



Engineer Md. Rashed Hossain Masud

Director & CTO - Associated Engineers & Drillers Ltd.

                              Nawab Abdul Malek Jute Mills Ltd.


Rashed Hossain is a civil engineer and completed his studies at the University of Madras. He has over 15 years of work experience and his deeply involved in the day to day operations of Associated Engineers.

Sohrab Bin Hossain

Deputy Managing Director - Associated Engineers & Drillers Ltd.

Director                                    Nawab Abdul Malek Jute Mills Ltd.


Sohrab Bin Hossain is the youngest brother to Akbar Hossain & Ahmed Hossain. He has been working in the drilling sector for over 40 years. 

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