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Associated Engineers and Drillers Ltd. (AED) was established in 1961 in Bangladesh, to tackle the water supply challenge, and remains, to this day, our core business. Since then, we have become one of the premier ground water drilling companies in Bangladesh, having completed projects in all parts of the country.


In 1974 AED established itself as a leading drilling company when it was awarded a contract for construction and installation of 300 deep tube wells as a part of a World Bank financed project for irrigation in north-Bengal. This project was carried out under the supervision of UK based consulting firm Sir Macdonald and Partners, appointed by the World Bank.


Since then, AED has increased both its drilling capabilities as well as its specialized knowledge so that now we are one of the most efficient and advanced drilling companies in the country. Over the course of four decades, we have drilled for virtually every government corporation, including irrigation tube wells for Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) and Barind Multipurpose Development Authority, rural projects for Public Health, and high depth large capacity turnkey projects for Dhaka Water and Sewage Authority (WASA).


We are currently one of the few enlisted companies drilling for Dhaka and Chittagong WASA, and have focused our recent efforts on urban water supply, as it is the most challenging arena of deep water drilling.


Whilst we specialize in mainly government contracts, we have also, upon request, drilled deep tube wells for clients in the private sector, which include educational institutes, factories, high-rise buildings and foreign embassies.


With the mushrooming population growth in the city, there has been a massive demand for deep tube wells, causing a steady fall in the static water level, resulting in the need to tap deeper aquifers. In 2003, we imported a specialized tractor mounted drilling rig from Fraste SPA, Italy, capable of drilling a 30 inch borehole over 1400 ft deep. In conjunction with Dhaka WASA, we then drilled and installed the first 1000 ft deep tube well, in Shewrapara, Mirpur. In the process, we discovered and utilized a new, untapped aquifer, which has been instrumental in tackling the short-term water supply crisis in Dhaka city. Subsequently, we have installed a number of deep aquifer tube wells for Dhaka WASA, and are considered the pioneers in this field. To further our drilling capacity, we have purchased a second drilling rig from Fraste, capable of drilling over 2000 ft.


A secondary and long term interest of our company has been in the civil construction sector, with such notable credits as the Olympic standard pool and diving complex at Dhaka University, the International Trade Representation Office in Dhaka, and the industrial complexes for jute and pp woven bag factories. In recent years, we have focused largely on the specialized construction projects in the water supply sector.


In addition to drilling and construction, AED has also specialized in a number of items related to the water supply sector, including pumps, screens, and pipes.



With our vast experience in turnkey water supply projects, private drilling projects, government supply tenders and civil construction; we can offer a one-stop shop for all water supply related projects, both in the private and public sectors. We currently offer a full range of construction and drilling services, from design and planning, to consulting, to fully executing the works.


Our strength comes from our narrow focus and absolute dedication to the field, as well as our integrity in both the supply of materials as well as the proper application of the best drilling, installation, and well development theories.

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